Justice & Women

Women and children face particular challenges in relation to security and justice. They are disproportionately affected in conflict and post-conflict situations, where they face high risks of sexual violence and other forms of abuse. In many countries security and justice providers, for example armed forces and the police fail in their duty to protect victims of gender based violence and at times are perpetrators of such violence. In conflict, post-conflict and fragile states, the provision of security and justice is often very weak, leaving women and victims of gender based violence even more vulnerable.

Civil justice issues - in particular land and other property rights, inheritance and family law - can also have a major impact on women's lives. LDP has undertaken pioneering work for the International Finance Corporation on legal barriers to women's economic empowerment, with in-depth work in East and West Africa and the Pacific. LDP Director Clare Manuel co-authored IFC's recently published Guide The Gender Dimensions of Investment Climate Reform and developed practical tools and solutions to address the critical legal and regulatory issues that hinder women's economic empowerment.


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Examples of Our Work on Justice and Women

Yemen Justice and Policing Programme. LDP conducted a review of women and the poor's access to policing and justice in Yemen and developed recommendations for the mainstreaming of gender in DFID's Justice and Policing Programme.

Malawi Justice for All Programme. LDP worked with DFID Malawi on the design of its major justice sector programme in Malawi, with the central theme of enhancing access to justice for women and children, and included a focus on women's property rights in land and other productive assets.

Uganda & Kenya Gender and Growth Assessments. LDP Director, Clare Manuel was the lead author of the International Finance Corporation's Gender and Growth Assessments for Uganda and Kenya which developed a pilot methodology for assessing gender aspects of legal and administrative barriers to investment including women's access to commercial justice, land and employment law.

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