Our work in Security and Justice Reform

We are committed to supporting services that deliver faster, fairer and cheaper security and justice, and empowering citizens to demand such services effectively. Our key areas of expertise are:

  • the development and implementation of national security and justice reform programmes
  • enhancing security and justice for poor people, including in post-conflict situations
  • embracing both formal and informal or community-based justice systems
  • supporting an investment climate conducive to private sector development
  • strengthening governance systems at national and local levels

We have been at the forefront of the design, development and implementation of national justice sector reform programmes. We are acknowledged leaders in thinking on justice sector reform and have advised donor governments on justice sector policy.

We adopt a holistic view of the justice sector and encourage a systemic, cross-institutional approach to justice sector development and reform. We focus on working with and bringing together formal and informal justice sectors and traditional justice mechanisms. We have pioneered a highly participatory approach to planning and prioritisation of budgetary spend in the justice sector, involving the full range of stakeholders in the justice and security sector from institutions to users and civil society. We have a range of cross cutting skills relevant across the whole sector, including legal and mediation experts and policy advisors. We work were in a broad range of jurisdictions (both common and civil law) and settings (including post-conflict and fragile states). Examples of our work include:

  • Co-managing the DFID-funded Access to Security and Justice Programme in Sierra Leone, which supports the national Justice Sector Reform Strategy and Implementation Plan and focuses on ensuring effective security and justice provision at the community level, especially for the poor and marginalised including women and girls (DFID, 2012-2014).
  • Designing the DFID-funded UK Legal and Justice Expertise Programme, which aims at leveraging legal and judicial expertise from across UK Government and the pro bono private sector to contribute to the delivery of more strategic and sustainable rule of law reform in developing countries (DFID, 2013-2014).
  • Providing security and justice expertise to the design of DFID Kenya's Improved Community Security (ICS) programme. The ICS programme aims to increase security for Kenyan men and women and build greater capacity to manage disputes at community level (DFID, 2014).

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