Justice & Security

Access to accountable, affordable and accessible justice and security services is critical to long term development. The justice sector encompasses a wide range of institutions that form part of an integrated system: from police and prosecuting authorities, to lawyers, the judiciary and prisons. LDP believes in adopting a systemic, cross-institutional approach to justice sector development and reform and basing interventions on the sector as a whole. We focus on both the supply and demand sides of justice by strengthening community-based approaches to service provision and dispute resolution and empowering citizens to hold service providers to account.

LDP is an acknowledged leader in thinking on justice sector reform. Our justice and security work focuses on developing and implementing security and justice reform programmes; providing technical legal assistance and supporting women to access justice. Examples of LDP's justice and security work include:

  • Supporting the development of National Security and Justice Reform Programmes in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Guyana
  • Developing donor security and justice programmes which support national priorities
  • Developing core guidance for the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) on support for justice sector reform
  • Assisting the United Kingdom's Department for International Development (DFID) to develop their approach to security and justice programming in light of White Paper IV commitments to regard justice and security as a basic service
  • Evaluating the impact of different models of legal aid delivery on poor people in Uganda
  • Advising on legal and regulatory systems and best practice legal reform in relation to commercial laws in Uganda
  • Pioneering a new approach to security and justice reform in post-conflict Uganda, working with institutions in the sector to develop a Justice Sector Wide Approach.

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Our Justice & Security Services Include:

  • Strategy & policy design
  • Implementation support
  • Leading and managing multi-disciplinary teams
  • Facilitation of participatory planning (including workshop facilitation)
  • M & E design & support
  • Advice to donors on approaches to justice & security programming
  • Evaluations (impact & cost benefit analysis)
  • Financial planning, including developing costed, prioritized, and sequenced workplans
  • Contract management
  • Technical legal advice
  • Legislative drafting, review and audits
  • Regulatory impact assessments
  • Advising on legal aspects of institutional reform
  • Capacity building

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