Our approach

  • To bridge the divide between policy and practice by focusing on linkages between policies, the institutions which are responsible for implementing them, and the changes on the ground which need to be delivered.
  • To encourage participatory planning and decision making which we facilitate through a range of innovative techniques.
  • To develop innovative approaches through bringing diverse interest groups together.
  • To support local ownership by partnering with governments and non-governmental organisations and working closely with local partners to support locally owned and sustainable reform that is not imposed from outside.
  • To bring together practical developing country experience and a rigorous analytical approach by working in multi-disciplinary, multi-national teams with an array of relevant skills and experience.
  • To present technical yet accessible solutions by presenting technical legal and regulatory issues in an accessible and understandable style.
  • To promote gender sensitive approaches in all our areas of work.
  • To work closely with tried and tested expert associates by building relationships with them and quality assuring final product to clients.
  • To think continuously in terms of outcomes and impact, to ensure that we contribute towards aid effectiveness and achieve real change on the ground.

2015. The Law & Development Partnership

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