What We Do

LDP provide strategic advice and support to developing country governments and their donor partners in the areas of: justice and security; economic growth; governance; and trade and regional integration. Our services include advisory services; programme design, implementation and management; facilitation of participatory planning; monitoring and evaluation; institutional development and reform; technical legal assistance; training and short and long term expert technical assistance inputs. Read more about our practice areas below.


Justice and Security
Justice and Security   We support the delivery of justice and security that is accountable, affordable, and accessible to all, especially the poor and the vulnerable. Our expertise includes: developing security and justice reform programmes; providing technical legal assistance; and justice for women.

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Economic Growth
Private Sector Development   We support policies and programmes that enable sustainable economic growth driven by the private sector. Our expertise includes: developing pro-poor economic growth strategies; supporting investment climate reform work; and women in business.

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Governance and Institutional Development   We support policies, programmes and institutions that promote and deliver good governance. Our expertise spans: public service reform; institutional development; supporting anti-corruption efforts and peacebuilding and statebuilding initiatives including in fragile states.

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Trade and Regional Integration
Regional Integration   We support local and regional economic development processes and regional economic integration policies and programmes focused on facilitating trade and development. We have particular expertise in the East African Community.

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