LDP's core focus is on delivering results. We are passionate about contributing towards achieving measurable results, aid effectiveness, and value for money. We believe in delivering the greatest possible returns on investment; both for the world's poorest people and for developed country taxpayers. At the heart of our work is the need to be clear about what works and what doesn't work in reform initiatives. We identify realistic and measurable performance indicators, from which we develop practical and workable monitoring and evaluation frameworks; we assist Governments to implement them; and design and undertake rigorous evaluations to assess the impact of interventions.

In 2011 we developed value for money (VFM) guidance for DFID Somalia's civil society programme partners focused around the "3 Es" of economy, efficiency and effectiveness which in turn are linked to the outcome, impact and outputs in the new DFID logframe and business case. We have used a detailed results analysis for the DFID Somalia governance programme to develop results briefings for civil society programme partners. Our evaluation of Uganda's Legal Aid Basket Fund (LABF) focused on the impact that the LABF has had on poor people in Uganda. We made a number of detailed recommendations on how the measurement of results and impact could be improved so as to better direct funds and also on how lesson learning could be better shared.

We combine our technical expertise with practical experience to translate analysis into workable policy recommendations that deliver real change on the ground. Examples of results that LDP'S work has contributed towards include:

  • In 2008 LDP worked with the Government of Rwanda to develop the Justice, Reconciliation Law & Order Strategy which included a focus on the provision of justice at the community level through community level mediation and paralegal support. Three years later, 30 new Access to Justice Centres (Maison d'Acces de la Justice) have been set up and are providing community legal services to Rwandans in a number of provinces.
  • Between 2003 and 2008, LDP worked on a number of projects with the Governments of Ghana and Tanzania to develop reform programmes focused on improving the investment climate and making doing business easier. The World Bank's 2007 Doing Business Report highlighted Ghana and Tanzania in the top 10 reformers in the ease of doing business.
  • LDP has worked with the Government of Rwanda on a number of reform programmes, including as legal and regulatory specialists for the development of the Government of Rwanda's Investment Climate project designed to enhance Rwanda's Cost of Doing Business ratings. In 2010, Rwanda was officially declared the top global reformer in the Doing Business Report 2010 by the World Bank.
  • In Yemen, we worked with the IFC to identify and overcome barriers facing women attempting to register small businesses. This work resulted in the setting up of a women's desk to service women at the main business registry office in Saana.
  • In Cambodia, we worked with the IFC to improved Cambodian women's ability to engage effectively in dialogue with the government. As a result of a networking and capacity building workshop we facilitated for business women in Phnom Phen, a business women's group managed to successfully lobby the government for a tax waiver on silk -directly impacting upon the businesses of thousands of business women in Cambodia.

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