Who we are

LDP works with governments and their donor partners to develop, implement and manage reform programmes which strengthen national governance, planning and budgeting processes. Our focus is on delivering results. At the heart of our work is the need to be clear about what works and what does not work in reform initiatives. We identify realistic and measurable performance indicators, from which we develop workable monitoring and evaluation frameworks; we assist governments to implement them; and design and undertake rigorous evaluations to assess the impact of interventions.

Our four core areas of expertise are: justice and security; economic growth; governance; and trade and regional economic integration. We are passionate about contributing towards achieving measurable results, aid effectiveness and value for money.

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We understand donor processes and priorities and support co-ordinated donor approaches. We are familiar with the programme design, financing, implementation and monitoring and evaluation methodologies of most major donors.

We work in complex environments, including in fragile and post-conflict states. We operate in multi-institutional and multi-sector settings. We are skilled in distilling key issues to multifaceted problems and bringing together a range of stakeholders to develop coherent and practical solutions that work.

We understand the need for solutions to be sustainable. As such, we support locally owned solutions that are not imposed from outside. Where possible, we also aim to link reform efforts to national policy planning and resource allocation processes.

We act as regular trusted advisors to a number of our clients. Our work is often at the forefront of policy development.

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The LDP team

Established in 2000, LDP has headquarters in London, UK, and representation in East Africa. Our core team consists of experienced legal and governance experts, economists and international development specialists. We offer a unique combination of commercial professionalism, practical developing country work experience and academic rigour. Our team has excellent academic records from leading academic institutions including Oxford, Cambridge and the London School of Economics. Our team members have all lived and worked in the developing world and have a strong understanding of development issues from a local perspective. We understand how governments work from the inside.

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