Our work in Statebuilding and Peacebuilding

One and a half billion people live in areas affected by fragility and conflict. No low-income fragile or conflict affected country has yet to achieve a single United Nations Millennium Development Goal (2011 World Development Report: Conflict, Security and Fragility).

We support statebuilding and peacebuilding in conflict affected areas. Our governance work focuses on strengthening institutions and promoting capable and accountable government - which are central to efforts to tackle problems of conflict and fragility. Our justice sector work contributes towards strengthening security and justice, improving people's ability to go about their daily business free from violence and crime - supported by a non-abusive police service, an effective army and a legal system that can be relied upon to resolve disputes fairly. Our work collectively aims to lay the foundations for stability, security and growth. Examples of our work include:

  • Developing options and recommendations to determine the appropriate structure and content of programmes to deliver on the expected outcome of DFID's Governance and Peacebuilding programme in Somalia, including the balance of focus and investment across all potential intervention areas to have the greatest impact; development of log frames and risk matrices; and thematic analysis for gender, pastoralism, security and justice and youth sectors in Somalia (DFID, 2011).
  • Providing long-term governance advice and technical assistance support to Somalia donors, for the development of donor governance policy for Somalia and the restructuring of aid provision within a coordinated aid framework. In particular, we supported DFID in articulating their theory of change to peace building and governance interventions. This included conducting the Governance and Peacebuilding programme (GAP) results/impact assessment, to support submission for the next phase of support. We went onto develop DFID's Stage 1 Business Case, for its 90 million GAP programme, incorporating the theory of change to develop a strategic case and feasibility options for engagement (DFID, 2010-2011).

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