Our work in Anti-Corruption

Corruption has an adverse effect on a country’s ability to grow. By strengthening the transparency and accountability of governments and institutions responsible for combating corruption and dealing with complaints, we aim to improve the investment climate to operate openly and fairly for all business-women and -men. Examples of our work in this area include:

  • An evaluation of DFID, NORAD, Sida, Danida and the Asian Development Bank’s anti-corruption support in five countries (Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Tanzania and Zambia). The evaluation looked at the effectiveness and relevance of the anti-corruption support being provided, with a particular focus on women and the poor. We identified interventions that work, fail or actually harm country efforts in the fight against corruption (Asian Development Bank, DFID, NORAD, Sida, Danida, 2009-2010).
  • Reviewing DFID's Security, Justice and Growth Programme in Nigeria. Aspects of this included anti-corruption, community policing, and access to justice and laws reform (DFID, 2009).

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