Our work in Public Service Reform

Improving the way that governments operate and deliver services to their citizens is a core part of our governance and institutional development work. We seek to strengthen the capacity of public service institutions to make effective policies, deliver sound administration and be held to account by their citizens. Examples of our work include:

  • Following the DFID commissioned Fiduciary Risk Assessment (FRA) of the East African Community (EAC), which identified a number of weakness and areas where systems and process needed to be strengthened before further financial support could be given, assessing the progress which had been made at addressing weakness highlighted in the original FRA, and identifying where improvements were still required so that the EAC could pass the second FRA. We went on to provide oversight for financial systems strengthening interventions (TMEA, 2011-2012).
  • Developing policies and mechanisms for right-sizing in the Indonesian Government Administration and preparing a plan for a pilot implementation in the Ministry of Finance. This included detailed recommendations and cost benefits analysis for right-sizing the Indonesia civil service, supported by analysis of global best practice for public sector rightsizing (World Bank, 2011).

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