Governance & Institutional Development

Capable and accountable governments are central to efforts to achieve justice, economic growth, quality social services and to tackle problems of conflict and fragility. Strengthening institutions and promoting responsive government are key elements of LDP's work. We provide a range of institutional development and governance services, in a variety of settings including in post-conflict and fragile states. We focus on both the supply and demand sides of governance by strengthening governments' capacity at all levels; while empowering citizens to create a demand for better government.

Our governance and institutional development work includes: developing public service reforms; supporting anti-corruption, peacebuilding and statebuilding initiatives and supporting institutional development. Examples of LDP's governance and institutional development work include:

  • Supporting DFID to articulate their theory of change for peacebuilding and governance interventions in Somalia
  • Conducting an evaluation of Danish engagement in Somalia 2006-2010
  • Reviewing and developing public service reforms in Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda and Ghana
  • Conducting an evaluation of DFID, NORAD, SIDA, DANIDA and Asian Development Bank anti- corruption support in Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Tanzania and Zambia
  • Providing governance and institutional development support to major long term programmes in Kenya, such as PROLoGS (local government reform) and HAPAC3 (HIV/AIDS)
  • Advising on institutional and regulatory reforms to support commercial forestry privatisation in Malawi

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Our Governance and Institutional Development Services Include:

  • High level strategic advice to donors and governments
  • Strategy & policy design
  • Implementation support
  • Leading and managing and leading multi-disciplinary teams
  • Institutional development and reform
  • Facilitation of participatory planning and decision making (including strengthening of civil society)
  • Strengthening judicial systems
  • [administrative and public service reform]
  • M & E design & support
  • Advising on legal and regulatory systems and best practice legal reform
  • Evaluations and appraisals
  • Financial planning, including developing costed, prioritized, and sequenced workplans
  • Contract management
  • Technical legal advice
  • Legislative drafting, review and audits
  • Support to resource allocation processes
  • Public financial management

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