Women in Business

The economic empowerment of women is increasingly seen as one of the most important forces behind economic growth and the fight against poverty. LDP are recognized leaders in thinking on approaches to gender based investment climate reform. LDP Director Clare Manuel co-wrote the IFCs publication Gender Dimensions of Investment Climate Reform, which provides fresh thinking on issues facing women entrepreneurs and sets out clear tools for promoting gender-sensitive investment climate reforms. We present technical, legal and regulatory issues in an accessible and understandable style, offering a dynamic approach to addressing gender and development challenges that delivers results.

LDP has extensive experience in gender and investment climate work; not only as separate disciplines but also as combined analyses in different countries. We have undertaken investment climate work in most regions: Asia (Yemen); North Africa (Egypt, Sudan); as well as Sub-Saharan Africa (Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya) and the South Pacific. We have provided major inputs into assessments of the gender aspects of the investment climate for both the IFC and the World Bank producing individual country assessments, regional comparisons, and policy recommendations for reform programmes.


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Examples of LDP's Gender Work

South Pacific - Gender and Investment Climate Reform Assessments. LDP developed detailed programmes and tools for IFC Sydney Office to integrate gender within its investment climate reform programme in the Pacific.

Worldwide - Advice on World Bank Gender Legal Database. LDP provided advice on the development of an International Investment Climate/Gender Legal Database cataloguing key laws that impact on women's economic empowerment.

Cambodia - Improving Public Private Dialogue for Women in Businesss. LDP designed and facilitated a participatory workshop for business women in Cambodia in which they identified and prioritised challenges they face as women in business, and worked with the IFC team in Cambodia to develop a prioritised action plan based on workshop findings.

Rwanda - Gender and Growth Assessment. LDP conducted an assessment of legal, regulatory and administrative barriers faced by women in business in Rwanda.

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