Private Sector Development Strategies

LDP works with Governments to develop and take forward strategies for private sector development - focusing on the core role of Government to provide an enabling environment within which private sector led growth can occur. We assist Governments clearly to articulate the respective roles of Government and of the private sector in achieving economic growth; to develop strategies that are pro-poor - in particular in relation to issues affecting micro enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, and enterprises in the informal sector; and that address constraints on private sector development operating at both a national and local level.

Strategies for private sector development usually cut across many Government Ministries, departments and agencies. We assist Governments to address this institutional challenge, and develop tools for mainstreaming private sector development within Government policy-making and operations. This includes developing pro-private sector performance indicators to allow progress to be measured and objectively verified; assisting Government to embed pro-private sector policies within its resource allocation processes (e.g. the MTEF); and developing tools to enable prioritisation of expenditure within a limited resource envelope.


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Examples of LDP's Private Sector Development Strategies

Ghana - National Private Sector Development Strategy. LDP worked with the Government of Ghana to develop the National Private Sector Development Strategy, designed to provide a coherent framework for Government's role in facilitating private sector development by addressing physical, legal, regulatory and policy constraints on business.

Rwanda - Investment Climate Programme. LDP led the design of the Government of Rwanda's Investment Climate project designed to enhance Rwanda's 'Cost of Doing' Business ratings, which was subsequently accepted for funding by the Investment Climate Facility for Africa as its first ever project.

Tanzania - Regulatory Compliance Cost Survey. LDP conducted a survey for the Government of Tanzania's Business Environment Strengthening Programme, which surveyed over 1,000 businesses country-wide to ascertain the business costs of legal and regulatory barriers.

Sudan - State Level Administrative Barriers to Investment Diagnostic. LDP conducted diagnostics in a number of states in Sudan to identify the main institutional, policy, legal and regulatory issues constraining private investment and provided recommendations for related reforms that were both technically and politically feasible.

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