Achieving women’s economic empowerment: what will it take?
The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) recently held an event on women's economic empowerment. LDP director Clare Manuel attended the event and the roundtable discussion that followed. The session brought together High Level Panel members, their deputies, and representatives from across the economic and gender sectors to engage in a joint conversation about how the commitments made in the High Level Panel’s September 2016 report can be implemented.
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Formative Evaluation of TMEA Projects on NTBs to Trade
LDP conducted a formative evaluation of TMEA projects on non-tariff barriers (NTBs) to trade, comprising six projects carried out from 2011 to 2016.
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Security and justice seminar series

We have teamed up with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) to design and co-sponsor a series of seminars to discuss key conceptual and practical issues related to security and justice programming. The seminars have been designed to provide the opportunity to build stronger connections and shared knowledge amongst the security and justice community of practice, in turn supporting better programming.
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Business Environment Reform Facility (BERF)
We are pleased to be a member of the BERF programme delivery consortium. BERF is a three-year, DFID-funded programme providing a central facility to respond to demand from DFID's priority country offices and stakeholders, to initiate, improve and scale up business environment reform programmes. It provides expert advice, analysis of lessons learned, policy research about what works and what doesn’t and develops innovative new approaches to involving businesses and consumers in investment climate reform.
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We are committed to empowering people in the developing world

LDP provides high level strategic advice and support to developing country governments and their donor partners across four core areas of expertise: security and justice; economic growth; governance; and trade and regional integration. We are committed to empowering people in the developing world to access justice, economic opportunities and good governance.

We specialise in policy development, strategic planning and the implementation of transformative change. We work with our clients to develop practical, value for money, locally-owned solutions that deliver results. Our core team of legal and governance experts, economists and international development specialists has headquarters in the UK and representation in East Africa, and is supported by our global network of associates.

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